June 2016

Santa Cruz' Guembe Mariposario : a piece of paradise

The Guembe Mariposario is a beautiful place which is located in one of the biggest cities of Bolivia: Santa Cruz. This Mariposario is the perfect place to go when you are tired of travelling and just want to relax for a couple of days. This paradise has all the opportunities to give you a few days of relaxing. Are you a nature lover? Then you definitely have to visit the garden with the largest amount of butterflies and a great diverse collection of orchids. Except the garden, there is a lot more to discover!

By: Melanie Hazenberg
Projects Abroad Volunteer
Hilversum – The Netherlands

Photo by: Jane Allan

You will never forget a day at this biocenter. The only thing you have to forget as soon as possible is the price. You have to pay 150 Bs. (Bolivianos), but it is definitely worth it. Do not forget that you cannot bring your own bottles. When we were there we had empty out full bottle juice. I can tell you that this was quite difficult.

There are a many animals to see in Guembe Mariposario, such as turtles, birds, parrots, and peacocks. The most amazing animal you will discover somewhere in the park is the toucan. The toucan is very colorful and you can come really close to take beautiful pictures of him. There is also a special garden with only butterflies. The butterflies in this garden all have different sizes and colors. Some were flying all the time while others were lying dead on the ground. After the botanical garden, you can enjoy the swimming pools or walk around the monkey island. It is a fun experience because the monkeys are constantly looking at you.

Photo by: Jane Allan

"This place can definitely be recommended to everyone."

No swimming suit

When you ask someone in Santa Cruz about the garden, they should tell you only about the amazing amount of butterflies, parrots, peacocks, and other tropical birds in the garden. Maybe they will add that it is one of the most beautiful places in Santa Cruz. They should not tell you about the unbelievable swimming paradise which is also part of the park. We did not know anything about these mineral water pools, so we had no swimming suit with us. It was quite funny that four travelers where at a swimming pool with 15(!) swimming pools and could only feel the water with their feet. We tried everything to go swimming, but nothing worked out. You can buy swimming suits at the boutique, but only if you want to pay more than 500 Bs. But we enjoyed everything!

Photo by: Jane Allan

"The most amazing animal you will discover is the toucan."

Definitely be recommended

This place can definitely be recommended to everyone. For not using the swimming pools, it is maybe a lot of money but it is still really worth it. We never forgot our swimming suits anymore during our next adventures! The swimming pools look like fairy tales. They are surrounded by many trees, rocks, and other natural resources; and of course, many people. Everyone can enjoy it here. When you have your swimming suit with you and want to be there for more days, it is possible! You only have to look for the reception somewhere in the forest and you can stay in one of the beautiful bungalows in front of the lagoon. Enjoy your time and relax!

The Guembe Biocenter botanical garden is open 365 days a year from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The entrance is 150 bs. There is a fee for any additional activities. The additional activities are: Horseback riding (10 Bs), horse and buggy rides (5 Bs.) and biking (20 Bs. per hour and 15 Bs. per ½ hour).

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