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Issue of December 2016

Performing Life Through Arts on the Streets
2016 is a special year for the organization Performing Life International because of its 10th anniversary. Performing Life is an organization that helps children who are working and/or living on the streets to improve their daily lives and create better futures for themselves and their families through arts. This project started in 2006, three years after founder John Connell traveled to Cochabamba. Since 2006, Performing Life has grown and became a means of survival for the children. John Connell tells the story of Performing Life.
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Issue of October 2016

Speaking English in Bolivia
In Bolivia, Spanish is the official language. Everyone speaks Spanish except Bolivians who live in the countryside. Their native languages are either Quechua, Aymara or one of the other 34 indigenous languages. The fact that almost no one speaks English is a problem for both Bolivians who wants to learn the language and for the tourists who cannot make themselves understandable due to the language barrier. So the question is: why is it not common to learn English in Bolivia?
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Issue of August 2016

Transforming lives, one child at a time
Fundación Niños con Valor (NCV) believes that every child deserves the best care that can be provided to them – a nurturing, loving family, and people who believe in them and help them believe in themselves. The non-profit currently cares for 39 boys, girls, teens, and young women; with a focus on integrating children who are living with special needs, including HIV.
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Issue of June 2016

Frutte- Take 2
The story of Frutte (tea bags) is not an average success story, and Sandra Baya is not an average CEO. She radiates excitement, and what begins with a simple offer of tea quickly leads into an enthusiastic description into the creation of what I am drinking and what delightful health benefits that will give me.
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Issue of April 2016

Bolivia’s Endangered Species
Bolivia has some of the most diverse and rare ecosystems in the world, leading to many species of animals being endemic to Bolivia. However, like around most of the world, human activity has threatened their survival. I explored these amazing creatures and what can be done to prevent their extinction.
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Issue of February 2016

Camino de La Muerte
I had already texted my friends and family informing them that unfortunately I would not be returning home, and that I would always love them despite being dead at the bottom of a deep, dark valley in Bolivia.
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How Beyond Beanie is Changing Lives
Beyond Beanie is an up- and coming lifestyle and fashion company that sells ponchos, bags, beanies, and bracelets. These products are proudly made by Bolivian artisans. By helping these artisans selling their products, Beyond Beanie can create sustainable local jobs.
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