February 2013

Michelle Dechellete

Michelle’s artistic work finds inspiration everywhere, in any moment and thenit becomes an open book of stories.

By: Paola García
Projects Abroad Volunteer
Cochabamba Bolivia

There is a narrow stone passage at the bottom of San Pedro hill. While walking down it, you can feel quietness all around you and suddenly a colourful house welcomes you to a world of creativity. That is Michelle’s Dechellete painting atelier, a place where there are masks, books, puppets, flowers, colours and drums; everything invites you to express yourself.

Michelle Dechellete was born in France, but she is Bolivian and especially Cochabambina and from this city she paints and teaches children, young people and everybody who wants to create. As she says, creativity is inside every one of us and we just have to wake up that talent. In fact, she has been working for many years in the workshops “IntegrandoArtes” which motivate students to create and express themselves through various artistic expressions such us: painting, theatre and dance.

Nowadays, Michelle Dechellete works and teaches in her atelier. The atelier is a space to talk, to discover and above all things to have fun. Children are free to read tales in the garden, to draw on the tables, to use all the colours and materials of the atelier, and to say what ever they feel. Their innocent words even become philosophic phrases, which are collected on paper on the walls where they can be read and remembered with a lot of fun. In other words, children lose their shyness and make up their own world. But, after such a class full of freedom it is natural to ask oneself: How can everything be so organized? In Michelle’s atelier with love and tender words, children have learned to appreciate their materials and they know that those are useful for themselves and for the other children. It is really surprising how every small pencil, colour, brush, pot of glue and so on is in the right place and everything is so well taken care and cleaned.

As she says, creativity is inside every one of us and we just have to wake up that talent.

“Silencios entre Comillas…” was the last art exhibition of Michelle Dechellete. The colours of her paintings catch your eyes immediately and then you are plunged into a world of stories where characters are dancing, singing, looking at you or whispering secrets. Definitely, it is easily to stay staring at her paintings for a long time because all your senses are touched at the same time. Furthermore, Michelle’s particular drawing style is another interesting point; for example, Michelle’s use of women’s bodies is pure femininity. They are always flowering colours and tenderness. In this way, they are far from conventional artistic stereotypes. Certainly, Michelle Dechellete is a complete artist. She dances, paints, writes, teaches plays drums and she joins all that and displays it in her artistic work which fills us with high emotion and invites us to move and explore our talents.

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