February 2013

La Casa de los Piratas – another world

Discover a different world, journey through time, have birthday parties, escape from everyday life; and do it with and amid antiquity and game activities.

By: Isabel Montes
Stuttgart - Germany
Projects Abroad Volunteer

Photos courtesy of Tras Banbalinas

If you want to escape from the everyday life of Cochabamba for a few hours, TrasBambalinas’ “La Casa de los Piratas” is the place to go! It doesn’t matter how old you are, La Casa de los Piratas gives you the opportunity to dive into another world which you may only know from movies and old books. As you step into the house, a journey of time commences. You start by visiting the ship from the 18th century and get to see how pirates used to live. After visiting the ship, you anchor at the port of the Caribbean. Here, treasures and mermaids are waiting for you and the adventure continues as you step outside to the playground.

The house is perfect to celebrate birthday parties or just hanging out with your friends and have fun. After a journey through time, you can take part in the different game activities and have drinks and snacks with your friends.

The idea of TrasBambalinas started with the creative Viljoen Family who has always been very passionate about getting into the theme of all holidays. Their favourite holiday would be Halloween. Their inspiration comes from the amazing Disney movies which we all know and love.

Photos courtesy of Tras Banbalinas

In the beginning, the Bolivian American Family only decorated their house on special occasions for personal matters. More and more, friends told them that they should do more with their talent; they have the gift to set people into another world. The work that every single one of the family members does is very detailed; there is absolutely nothing that they leave out if they set something up. From the music to the small details in decoration and costumes - they lead you into another world.

Photos courtesy of Tras Banbalinas

Together they are the perfect team. They are constantly working and coming up with new ideas to improve their work which, if you step into the house, wouldn’t even think is possible. The great thing is that all of the decoration in the house is made out of recycled materials. For the Viljoen Family it is very important to maintain the environment. They are a passionate family who love what they do and want to help people escape from their daily routine.

So if you feel like taking a journey through a different time just contact or visit: Tras Bambalinas “La Casa de los Piratas”
Calle José Quintín Mendoza #1466
Phone: 441 7179 / 657 38517
Email: trasbambalinas.bo@gmail.com

Archaeology School

It is important to refer to the dates presented for the period adding up to 1952 and 1967 which was the time in which Dick Edgar Ibarra Grasso (an Argentinian archaeologist) created the Archaeology Museum, the first school of anthropology of Bolivia (1963- 1965) as a part of the museum and the investigation about archaeology and anthropology in Cochabamba.

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