March 2012

The “joy makers” of Cochabamba

You see them everywhere in Cochabamba; artists trying to make a living by bringing joy into other people’s lives. Some work as buskers and jugglers in the streets, others as magicians in the cafés, some play music and others bring us delightful colours on walls and canvas.

By: Tanja Andersen
Projects Abroad Volunteer
Copenhagen - Denmark

Christian Torrez

But who are they? Where do they come from? And is it actually an affordable job to make other people smile?

In the final profile of our series of The “joy makers” of Cochabamba we have Christian, who is 100% blind and who regularly sets the cafés in Cochabamba on fire by playing the piano.

Christian Torrez Morales

Christian Torrez Morales is 24 years old and from Oruro, Bolivia. Christian was born blind, and his lack of sight drew him towards music at a very early stage in his life. At the age of six he played the flute. Today he plays almost every instrument he can get his fingers on; piano, guitar, drums, charango, bass etc., and he learned them all by himself!

Christian has been living in Cochabamba for the last 15 years, where he went to school and later got a job as a music teacher at Manuela Gandarillas, a school only for blind children.

You may also have seen him at café Casa Blanca, where he sometimes plays the piano in a jazz band every Tuesday and Thursday or in some of the other cafés and restaurants around town which he regularly attends to spice up a birthday party or a wedding.

Jazz is just one of many genres that Christian masters. He also plays rock, tropical music, Bolivian music and classical music – not to forget heavy metal! His biggest idols are John Lennon, Pat Metheny and Charly Garcia.

Brass Sounds by Police

Band of music - Bad Bolivian and worse Cochabambino, should be the author of the chronicle… when it insists on depriving us of the music band of La Columna del Orden, who in the end is the one that provides the only distraction in Cochabamba in the middle of the annoying monotony with which life is carried out ordinarily. The current budget assigns thirty watchmen for the service of

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