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Issue of December 2012

Christmas - the world’s most important holiday
There are certain elements of Christmas that can be found in all the countries researched for this article. The people asked came from Bolivia, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway and the USA.........

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Issue of November 2012

Giving garbage a second life
Instead of throwing plastic bags away after getting the groceries out, they can be used as trash bags and therefore be used at least a second time. They are also useful when carrying messy things, as they will prevent any liquids or dirt from leaving the bag. Or they can be used when traveling. Toiletries get an extra cover and in case something spills your other belongings are being protected........

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Issue of October 2012

Chuño : a potato developing into the modern world
The chuño, potato of the Andes, has acted as a regular food source for the people of South America for thousands of years. The chuño´s resilient character and nutritious qualities allowed for the support of ancient South American civilizations, Spanish conquistadores, and fuelled the slaves of the Spanish silver mines. Made today.......

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Issue of September 2012

Koichi Fujii: Just do my best toward anything I do now
“I never dreamed,” Koichi continued, “Take many small steps in the right direction if you want to succeed. Do not think to make a great leap forward. The small-scale approach finally achieves great things.” He successfully put Man Césped National Music Academy back on its feet in doing so. Having always devoted all of himself to anything he did for the better it was no surprise that he earned tremendous support from the general public as well as people concerned with music. While local people strongly believe that Koichi is a great leader and they cannot succeed without him he........

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Issue of August 2012

Discovering Outdoor Activities in Cochabamba
Juan Pablo, JP, one of the directors of Andes Xtremo, will happily run through the alternatives to sightseeing. From paragliding through hiking, rock climbing, or bungee jumping they provide plenty to keep the average adrenaline junkie fully satisfied. A morning’s paragliding in tandem will set you back around B$350, but a week-long course which will apparently turn you into a reasonably-proficient solo-flier costs around B$2660. “People often go paragliding expecting a similar thrill to skydiving” Cautioned JP, “but it is a very different kind of thrill, much more tranquil........

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Issue of July 2012

Gaby Vallejo Canedo
Books are the doorway to the wider world. Not only can they help with children´s academic performances, they can also be a tool to build their self- confidence. Gaby Vallejo Canedo has been opening the door to children for years by helping them to read. She has a magic touch that can capture a child’s ambition and she is more than happy to share her ideas with you.......

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Issue of June 2012

La Cueca Cochabambina
The Cueca is a dance for a couple, a man and a woman. The dancers, who use a handkerchief in their right hand, draw circular shapes, with turns and half turns, interspersed with various embellishments. It requires a lot of agility and grace. There are many types of Cuecas. This dance displays seduction, love, separation and reconciliation. The Cueca is a dance of salons. In these social intellectual meetings, the Cueca was gathered together along with other dances that were practiced in balls or salons.......

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Issue of May 2012

Bolivia's Inconvenient Truth
We are all familiar with the warnings of Al Gore from his film, “An Inconvenient Truth”, but what happens when the disasters on screen become real and tangible? Global warming is the rising temperature of both the Earth´s atmosphere and oceans. This increase of temperature will lead to increased sea levels, change in rain patterns and the disappearance of glaciers, permafrost and sea ice. We have seen the picture of the poor baby polar bear floating away on a melting ice floe, its home disappearing into the rising ocean......

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Issue of April 2012

Takipayanakus Festival
Just when you thought the festivities of carnaval were over and you could finally rest awhile, another festival takes place in Cochabamba to entertain and amuse us. A week after the Corso de Corsos captivated Cochabambinos, the festival of Takipayanakus was staged at Cochabamba´s Felix Capriles Stadium. A Quechan word....

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Issue of March 2012

Portrait: Susana Castillo
Oh, all the time,” said Susana, when asked if she is always on the lookout for inspiration. ‘Like yesterday, the sun was hitting the Christ around five in the afternoon, so I said to my friend, “Come with me. We have to take photographs.” Oh yeah, all the time.’

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Issue of February 2012

The Riches that could've been
The Richest City in the World In the 16th century the first natural resources of Bolivia were exploited. In this time the Spanish conquistadors discovered the Cerro Rico, the rich mountain in Potosí. They made the indigenous people cut out the enormous amounts of silver. For the Spanish people, it was not important how many people would die doing this work, because there were plenty who could replace them

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Issue of January 2012

Rabies – More Than Just Angry Dogs
A 7 year old girl died of rabies in Cochabamba this October. She was bitten by her own puppy and neither her nor her mother had any idea about rabies so did could not get any medical treatment until the virus had spread to her nervous system. Such unfortunate cases are preventable by animal vaccination programs, but, in Bolivia, there are still many cases of dog rabies. This stands in unfortunate contrast to many other Latin

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Christmas - the world's most important holiday
There are certain elements of Christmas that can be found in all the countries researched for this article. The people asked came from Bolivia, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway and the USA.
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