October 2011


Instituto de Investigaciones Antropologicas y Museo Arqueologico

By: Tanja M. Andersen.
Projects Abroad Volunteer
Copenhagen – Denmark

Fachade Museo
Photo: Walter Sánchez

The Archeological Museum’s 60th Anniversary in Cochabamba

From October 17th to 21st the Institute of Anthropological Research (INIAM) and Archaeological Museum, that belongs to Universidad Mayor de San Simón, is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a week of celebration. And you are invited to join!

It all takes place in the central hall of the Museum at Calle Jordán E-199 esquina Nataniel Aguirre.

October 17: The Communitarian Management introduces the Museum and the Sites

October 18: The official celebration of the Museums 60th anniversary;
Introduction to the special Publications and Programs

October 19: Introduction to “the Archaeological Regulations and the Heritage Act”.

October 20 - 21: Free admission, video projection.

The interior museum
Photo: Walter Sánchez

A brief intro to INIAM-UMSS

The Museum was founded in 1951 by Professor Dick Edgar Ibarra Grasso, originally as Museo Arqueológico y Etnográfico de la U.M.S.S., and was the first of its kind in Bolivia. Today, the highly academic staff members intervene with a variety of areas from Archaeology, Anthropology and Linguistics over Environment, Culture and Heritage.

The Museum presents three permanent exhibition areas: Paleontology, Archeology and Ethnography and a variety of temporary exhibitions. Furthermore it presents academic seminars, interactive educational programs and a night program. There are guides in English, Spanish and Quechua at the Museum.

Additional information

Office hours are:

Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00
Saturdays from 8:30 to 12:30
Tel/Fax: 591-4-4250010
Web: www.museo.umms.edu.co
E-mail: campusfrancecochabamba@yahoo.com

Eiffel in Bolivia

People often forget that the Eiffel Tower was merely the culmination of a highly successful and productive career which stretched from Europe to South America, including projects here in Bolivia.

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