June 2011

Reiki:How to balance your energies

Everything in the world is energy, all the relations, all the work, so if you can channel this light energy in everything you do; all your life gets better.

By: Anna Jorgensen
Projects Abroad volunteer
Kobenhavn - Denmark

Photo: Marcelo Jiménez
Passing Reiki energy to a patient.

This special therapy does not require faith or concentration and you do not even have to believe in it. But then, how can Reiki help you get a better life?

In a little practice filled with positive energy and located in the center of Cochabamba, Mariana LLobet performs Reiki and teaches yoga and Pilates. In the weekends she has 1st level, 2nd level and 3rd level Reiki workshops. I asked her for a meeting to have a talk about the exciting world of Reiki.

I had not heard about Reiki before I began this article, so can you tell me, shortly, what it is?

The word Reiki can be divided in two: Rei is the universal positive energy and Ki is your own energy, so Reiki means putting a higher spiritual energy in your own energy to help it stay in balance. When you do Reiki you become a channel – you are not a healer, you just open the seventh chakra in your head, channel them to your heart and expel the energy to your arms and hands. Since the beginning of time, people have been able to heal with their hands. Reiki recaptures this ability that we all have – even children, it is very easy to practice. Some medical insurance even cover Reiki, because it is approved by the WHO (World Health Organization).

How do you learn Reiki?

There are three basic levels and a fourth level where you become a master and are able to teach others. In the first three levels you learn how to use Reiki in yourself in others, at a distance, so you can use it on your friends, and you learn how to heal addictions or bigger problems. Give Reiki to families, groups, countries, and even the earth.

In the 1st level, you learn how to protect yourself, how to clean rooms, and a lot about energies. You can treat yourself and others. In this level you learn a lot of techniques that help to balance your chakras.

In the 2nd level, you learn how to do healing at a distance, you can start healing addictions and mental problems, and you learn how to treat bad things that has been running in your family for generations. At this level, you can start working the energy towards your goals and your desires.

In the 3rd level you can start doing Reiki to a lot of people at the same time; a class, a family, a whole country – even the earth! You become a channel of light.

If bad things happen, for example natural disasters, you can actually do something about it by using your ability to channel light everywhere on earth. It is a great way to give something back, and to make a difference.

Photo: Marcelo Jiménez
A group of Reiki students.


It sounds like Reiki is also a way to bring people closer together?

Yes, it unites people all around the world. If you have a problem, for example if you are having surgery, you can write a message on facebook, or call your other Reiki friends saying that you need help. If your mother is ill, you can start a Reiki ring where you give her Reiki on Monday and then use your Reiki network to organize a treatment for her every day. It is even possible from a distance: if the other person lives in China, you can start a whole network of light to help. Often on facebook I see that people need light to solve a problem and everybody that wants to, can help. It is really beautiful.

How can you perform Reiki on your own body and mind?

If you have mental, physical or emotional problems, you can help yourself, and you can do it everywhere; in the bus, at work, or even sleeping – I do it all the time! Also, if you are preparing an important paper or a meeting you can put Reiki in it. If you send an email you can send Reiki with it. Even if you are not going to be a therapist, you can help yourself. Once you align with a higher level of energy, everything changes around you, even though you do not notice at first. Most of my students learn it to help themselves or family members. I like it when they do Reiki to themselves, because then they are not depending on other people to heal them; they are only depending on themselves.

Why did you start practicing Reiki in the first place?

I have always known it existed, and I have always been attracted to this kind of healing. I used to have an advertising company and teach at the university. My life was really different. But I was not happy at all, and I did not know why. Then I decided to start learning some of the things that I had always wanted to. The first thing was Reiki, and from this point, everything started to flow.

How does a Reiki session work?

Normally I combine Reiki with crystal and light therapy, but if I do just a Reiki session, the person will lie down and I will put my hands on different parts of the patient’s body. The patients tell me that they sleep much better, are more relaxed and optimistic, and that the pain starts disappearing.


Can you cure physical sicknesses?

I have seen incredible healings, where Reiki helps in cases that seem impossible. All illnesses come from energy blocked. It is possible to cure physical sicknesses, but if the person keeps getting exposed to negative energy, bad habits, the sickness will return: if you have negative thoughts, of course you will get sick– Reiki or no Reiki. In situations where people are dying, Reiki will not heal them, but it is incredible how, after a Reiki treatment, a dying person is able to live a few days, weeks or months without painkillers, so Reiki helps instead of morphine. When they receive Reiki, they become more relaxed and can be with their loved ones, instead of the hospital. Reiki will always help one way or another.

Does it have any side effects?

No, not at all: it is impossible. Sometimes it does not help the way you want it to, but it always helps in some way. I think it helps in the way it should, because the energy is intelligent.

What separates Reiki from other kinds of therapy and healings?

In other therapies, you take the bad energy from the patient and therefore you will have to protect yourself against it, but in Reiki you are just a medium so the personal energy will never change: it is impossible during Reiki. In other kind of therapies you first have to see the aura, diagnose the patient and after the session, you need a follow up session. It is you as a person that needs to cure the patient and balance the energy. But Reiki is different because the energy is intelligent and you are just a channel - the Reiki energy does the healing; you do not have to know much about the sickness to perform Reiki.


“Every time I teach Reiki, everybody tells me how their lives have change for the better – they do not feel so alone anymore and their body and mind are in harmony.”

“Once a week there is this incredible thing where all the third level Reikis do Reiki to the world at the same time; same hour, same day, everybody together – if you want to, of course.”

“Without noticing, many people perform Reiki – I think it is in our genetic code, because, what do you do when a child is crying in pain? You will place your hands there and bring loving energy – you will do Reiki!”

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