April 2011


No matter where I go,, I cannot avoid seeing the well-known red and blue striped Bacelona Football Club jersey.

Cecilie Winström
Projects Abroad
Vedbæk – Denmark

I take a trip to Paris, I see people with it, I take a trip to London, I see people with it, I take a trip to Copenhagen, I see people with it. But never in my life would I have imagined that the Spanish champions from Barcelona would be such a big hit in Cochabamba so far from the Catalan capital.

But why not, FC Barcelona’s current squad has no less than 6 South American players. And of couse the world’s best player at the moment, Lionel Messi. A player of superior caliber, who is loved by the people on and of the pitch.

But it is of couse not without a reason that FC Barcelona is such a hit. Actually Barcahas succeeded to gain nothing less than 12 titles in just 5 years including 3 Spanish championships, 4 Spanish Super Cup wins, 2 Champions League victories and a FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP victory, the biggest title in international club football and by that the title as the world’s best team in 2009.

According to www.fcbarcelona.com, Barca had its first major increase in the fan volume because of the election of Joan Laporta as a new club-president in 2003. The club was not just supplied with new energy on the leader post, new players were also added to the squad. And an entirely new magic occurred in Frank Rijkaards team. Ronaldinho, Deco and E’eto were the stars who quickly got Barcelona to shine brightly, by bringing the Spanish championship back to the Catalan capital after 5 years of absence, and by winning the Champions League for only the second time in the club’s 111 years long history. Laporta managed as well to unite the fans under the slogan Mes Que Un Club, and faced a record in the amount of fans with approximately 150.000 members. The arrival of new players were defiantly apart of the reason why Barca got so admired. “In the beginning I was attracted to Barcelona thanks to Ronaldinho, one of the best players at the time” says Juan Ariel Pommier, 19, a Bolivian FC Barcelona fan. Another thing that made the number of FC Barcelona members increase was according to www.fcbarcelona.com the humanistic efforts Barcelona had made by making an arrangement with charity organization UNICEF in 2006.

And then it happened, the reason that the club’s fan quantity again grew beyond imagination. The year of 2009, better known as the best year in FC Barcelona’s long history. Barça succeeded with the effort of their new coach Josep Guardiola to win not just 4, not just 5 but all 6 titles. If Barça was not particularly popular before the new amount of members speaks completely for themselves, as it increased to 172, 938 FC Barcelona members around the world. Juan Ariel Pommier believes that the large increase in the number of members was due to the fantastic results “”Many people tend to support the best team, so as FC Barcelona is considered the best team at the moment, people will be fans of the best team.”

But FC Barcelona did not only become attractive because of the good results. Their game style captivated thousands of people worldwide, “FC Barcelona shows that you don’t have to be physically large to play against the best teams, but it is enough to be technically talented!” says Marc Tørper, 16, a Danish FC Barcelona fan.

Whether you ask someone from Denmark, which FC Barcelona’s first team visited in connection to the Champions League in the autumn, or if you ask a Bolivian fan so far away from Spain and the European tournaments the response to what makes them FC Barcelona fans is something near identical.”I am a Barca fan because of the fantastic football they play and they are popular for the team game they show on pitch, together the team makes the most beautiful and very fast game happening” says Danish Marc Tørper, while the commentary from Juan Ariel Pommier, is “the reason that I am a FCB fan is now because of their game style. They move the ball in an “elegant” way, and they play as a team, even though there are many stars in the squad.”

So I ask again, why should FC Barcelona not have as many fans in South America as they have in Europe? In 2009 The Sport Review, a well known English website for sports enthusiasts made a list of the 10 best players FC Barcelona has ever had on this list were 4 South Americans Rivaldo, Romário, Ronaldinho and Diego Maradona all 4 players have printed themselves in the story, either with rankings among the top 3 on FIFA’s list of world’s best players, or simply as recipients of several awards of honors. There is no doubt that South America has a long and bright history with FC Barcelona which they easily can be proud of.


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