October 2010

Estas en una Manzana Verde

Manzanas Verdes is a 350.org associated program creating community based, participative projects aimed at building greener neighborhoods and a greener future.

Ing. Alejandra Kolbe
Ing. Rodrigo Meruvia
Translation: Carys Hughes

The Manzana Verde campaign is a joint project of the Gaia Pacha Foundation and "4 C", a group of cultural centers and institutions based in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The aim of the project is to build greener neighborhoods, Manzanas Verdes, through establishing the institutions involved as environmental focal points who will work to raise awareness of environmental issues, and promote behavioral change and environmental values in the neighborhood in which they are based. Each of the participating institutions works in their local area, aiming to make the neighborhood a Manzana Verde (Green Neighborhood).

The Manzanas Verdes project was launched in June of 2010, with 10 institutions; this has now expanded to 20 participating institutions in the city of Cochabamba. For the second stage of this campaign these activities have been added to the 350.org family of campaigns and initiatives. 350.org is an international organization whose aim is to instigate grassroots responses to the global warming issue, on a community level across the planet.

The focus of the project for the following one and a half months, until October 9, will be household waste and its role in the emission of greenhouse gases. Using the structure of the Manzanas Verdes project, this will be a campaign of socialization and awareness raising on the topic of greenhouse gases and household waste, which is a significant problem in the city of Cochabamba.

This will be a campaign of socialization and awareness raising

Each of the participating institutions will run autonomous projects around this theme, in their neighborhood, which will either be ongoing activities or take place on the 9th of October. The evening of the 9th of October an event will be organized where the activities and achievements of each of the Manzanas Verdes will be presented.

Simultaneously, and in support of the Manzanas Verde project, a graphic design competition has been organized, where participants are asked to submit original designs around the theme of the Manzanas Verdes project (climate change, energy, water, waste management and food security). The winning design of each category will be used to support the project and future campaigns in 2011. The three winning designs will also be announced on the evening of the 9th of October.

Through strengthening the Manzanas Verdes network, and strengthening the outreach efforts of the participating institutions, an effective structure is being developed for reaching local community members. Through training and outreach sessions with local communities, awareness will be raised in these communities of key environmental issues, which will lead to behavior change and a greener future. Specifically, good practice in regards to the disposal of household waste will be encouraged.

- Each of the participating institutions will organize individual activities in their neighborhood, dependent on the strengths and capabilities of the institution.

- Evening event for the public and all participating institutions. This will include: presentation of the work and achievements of each of the ‘Manzanas Verdes’, and announcement of the winners of the design competition.

The schedule of activities for the Manzanas Verdes campaign is as follows:

13.08.10 – Launch date for the design competition

03.09.10 – Press conference with local media, and participating institutions to publicise the campaign.

05.09.10 – ‘Día del Peatón’, (Pedestrian Day). This is a day organized by the local civic committee when individuals are encouraged to leave their cars at home and use alternative forms of transport. We will use this day to publicize the Manzanas Verdes campaign and the 9th of October event through information points in the town centre.

27.09.10 – Deadline for design competition entries

09.10.10 – Manzanas Verdes Day and 350 Global Work day.

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