Issue - June 2010

June 2010


In this edition Lauren Rutter reviews the UPB's theatre production Dr. 0; CBA students highlight ways to solve the garbage problem in the city; Floriane Guyot discovers how micro financing can help to empower women; Jaime Bassett explains about sustainable development week; Rocio Carranza looks at why richer nations should take responsibility for climate change and Walter Sanchez uncovers the history of band music in the Valle Alto. read more...

June 2010

Alianza Francesa au support de l’alliance vert

On the 4th-11th of June, Cochabamba will celebrate Sustainable Development Week for the first time, along with the rest of Bolivia and the world.

Jaime Bassett
Projects Abroad
Lewes - United Kingdom

Sustainable development week is organised by Alianza Francesa along with a number of other institutes, ranging from the Palacio Portales to Fundación Gaia Pacha. They will be hosting a number of events and activities, from workshops to films, from art exhibitions to competitions, to try and raise awareness about sustainable development and the issues involved.

The Cochabamba branch of the Alianza Francesa has decided to tackle this mammoth task in a variety of different ways. Recently they held a competition to design fliers and posters with the aim of educating the public about sustainable development. This competition is open to anyone who is interested and helps raise awareness amongst the public. The best designs will be published and distributed during sustainable development week, with first prize gaining a full scholarship to study French at their institute, and second and third prizes winning half-scholarships.

An art competition is being held, the artists are free to make anything they like – so long as they use either recyclable or recycled materials and explain why their work is important.

When the Alianza Francesa moved office in Argentina, instead of throwing their books away, they asked artists to use them in their work!

The Alianza Francesa will also be hosting an art exhibition of Alcide D´Orbigny, a 19th century French explorer who visited Bolivia and made paintings of the animals and plants that he saw. The purpose of this exhibition is to display his work and compare the environment he saw then with that of today. This will be accompanied by talks among researchers about diversity and screenings of Planet Earth documentaries. The Alianza Francesa, along with other cultural centres, will go out and pick the litter from their neighbourhood.

Another important event during this week is the workshops that Alianza Francesa is hosting with Fundación Gaia Pacha. These workshops will teach children about diversity and nature, focusing on the practical things they can do to help sustainable development. By teaching children it is hoped that they will then raise awareness throughout society about the issues of sustainable development

But what exactly is sustainable development and why is it important today? It is a term used to describe the process where an economy grows so that it can improve living conditions for people today without harming the prospects for others later on. This means that future generations will be able to enjoy the same or an improved standard of living that we experience today, whereas unsustainable development denies them this opportunity.

The aim of sustainable development week is to raise awareness among the public about the need for sustainable development and teach them how they can help. It is also hoped that it will encourage politicians, both local and national, to take the environment more seriously and help prevent it from being over-exploited before it is too late.

Not a simple question

The solution to climate change may be simple, if all corporations and governments responsible for causing major damage to the environment paid back their debt, developing countries would have the means to create greener industries and have the ability to invest in more efficient and renewable energy sources.

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