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Issue of December 2010

Gildaro Antezana
More than 100 paintings and sketches of one of the greatest Bolivian painters will be on expo until December 23rd at the Centro Pedagógico y Cultural Simón I. Patiño, Calle Potosi # 1450..

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Issue of November 2010

Remembering the Past
The history of Cochabamba has as many changing faces as the varied crowd of men and women: white, mixed-race and indigenous people, who contributed to forge it. However, it shows historical constants of long time, which form part of the past, but which old pictures have an incredible echo nowadays, as if they have their photographs taken today; and as if we would live in a perpetual history of the present.

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Issue of October 2010

Estas en una Manzana Verde
The Manzana Verde campaign is a joint project of the Gaia Pacha Foundation and "4 C", a group of cultural centers and institutions based in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The aim of the project is to build greener neighborhoods, Manzanas Verdes, through establishing the institutions involved as environmental focal points who will work to raise awareness of environmental issues, and promote behavioral change and environmental values in the neighborhood in which they are based. Each of the participating institutions works in their local area, aiming to make the neighborhood a Manzana Verde (Green Neighborhood).

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Issue of September 2010

Can square foot gardening help fight poverty in Cochabamba?
Square foot gardening is a fancy way of gardening in boxes of 4 x 4 feet. Mel Bartholomew, a retired engineer from the United States, has made this innovative way of intensive gardening very popular, exposing its ease and practicality.

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Issue of August 2010

El Cementerio de los Elefantes
El Cementerio di los Elefantes gazes into the lives of those existing on the margins of society in La Paz. The film is entirely fictional, exploring the urban myth of the elephant cemetery; a place in La Paz where alcoholics go to spend their final days, drinking themselves to death. The legend is based upon the myth that when elephants are close to death they instinctively leave their packs and head for the springs to die alone.

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Issue of July 2010

Defending their Country
On the 27th of May we celebrated a very important day here in Cochabamba – Mother’s Day, a day where we typically show our mothers our appreciation with gifts of fl owers and taking them out for lunch. However, Cochabambinos do not stop there – they give gifts to everyone who is a mother: grandmothers, aunts, friends, and neighbours. But why is it so important in Cochabamba, and why it is celebrated on this particular date and not on Sunday, like many other countries?

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Issue of June 2010

Dr.0 at Proyecto mARTadero. Beware of False Prophets!
The Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB) theatre workshop’s production Dr. 0 returned at proyecto mARTadero from the 14th to 16th of May. After winning three awards at the BICU theatre competition in Santa Cruz last year, the play, written and directed by Claudia Eid, successfully reappeared on stage.

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Issue of May 2010

World People´s Conference on Climate Change in Cochabamba
How to describe on paper, the emotions felt at the inauguration of the fi rst Climate Change Conference organized by Bolivian president Evo Morales. More than 10,000 people came together, some with drums and indigenous clothing to celebrate Mother Earth and respect her rights. Th e beating of drums and indigenous singing touched an emotional chord. Th is is our earth we are fi ghting for, our land and our air, all that supports life. Presenters such Nnimmo Bassey spoke frankly about the need for drastic change.

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Issue of April 2010

Contemporary, baroque, art!
These are the three words the multi-artist Alejandra Dorado used to describe her work when I met her for an interview in her studio. Provoking, painting with blood and always experimenting with different styles, such as video art and live street performances. Alejandra is one of those people, who is always searching for something new. Besides her artistic vocation, she is also working as a teacher and a mentor for disabled and troubled young people in the project “Caja Verde”

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Issue of March 2010

Young boy from Cochabamba becomes national hero
Bolivia’s dream of qualifying for the World Cup was made true by one man: William Ramallo. His team went to the 1994 FIFA World Cup after playing against Brazil, Argentina, Uraguay and - most memorably for Ramallo - Ecuador, in the qualifying rounds.

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Issue of February 2010

Nutrition: a Fundamental Right?
Children and pregnant women are the first concerned by this issue. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), malnourishment in children less than two years of age causes the death of one child out of five in the world. In South America, more than fifteen million children suffer from this problem. As a result of the extreme conditions and lack of education, malnutrition affects particularly the indigenous children. Thus, countries with high rates of indigenous population are the main victims of malnutrition. Countries such as Guatemala, Peru, Honduras and

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Issue of January 2010

Erika Bruzonic
In 2009 two books of Erica Bruzonic came out; ¨Las malas fichas son para jugar¨ and ¨His navel is as deep as a God’s eye¨, her first book entirely written in English. ¨I did not “want” to write a book in English. I simply wrote it. I wasn’t totally conscious of the fact that I’d already written over 20 stories in English until one day I counted them and thought I might make a volume of them.

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Gildaro Antezana
More than 100 paintings and sketches of one of the greatest Bolivian painters will be on expo until December 23rd at the Centro Pedagógico y Cultural Simón I. Patiño, Calle Potosi # 1450..
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