Issue - May 2009

May 2009


In this issue Christina Moore interviewed the manager of Th'uruch'apitas library; an invitation for CEBID of a National Photography Competition; with mother's day fast approaching, Rachel Dakin writes about Heroinas; a Legacy; Jess Gardner tell us about Proyecto Horizonte in Uspha Uspha; Walter Sanchez with Women Dressed to Enter into History; and finally our Cultural more...

May 2009

National Photography Competition:
“Indigenous Women in the City”

Have you ever dreamed of being the next Annie Leibovitz or Helmut Newton? Now is your chance! Grab your camera and hit the streets!

Rachel Dakin
Projects Abroad Volunteer
Leeds, England

The center of Documentation and Information of Bolivia (CEDIB) are hosting a national photography competition on “native women in the city.” Whether you are a working professional or an absolute beginner get creative and get snapping!

The object of the contest is to use your artistic creativity to illustrate the cultural, political, economic reality and social role of the native women living in urban areas of the cities of Bolivia. Use your photograph to convey the fight against discrimination that leads to the recognition of the rights of Indigenous women.

Each competitor can enter a maximum of 5 photos. There are two categories: photograph or photomontage. The photos must be presented on photographic paper; size 15 x 20cm. Digital photographs should also be delivered on a CD. Photos must have a minimum of 4 megapixels. In addition, you must write a paragraph with your name, address, contact details and a short description of your subject.

The contest is free. No experience is necessary – just an interest in photography! The deadline for the competition is 18:00 Friday 20 May 2009. Good luck!

Find out more information at:
Concurso Nacional de Fotografía:
“Mujer Indígena en la Ciudad”
Centro de Documentación
e Información Bolivia-CEDIB
Calle Calama No 255 entre calles
Nataniel Aguirre y Esteban Arce
Tel: 4252401 – 4257839
Casilla: 3302

Heroinas; a Legacy

195 years ago the women of Cochabamba sacrificed their
lives to defend their “sacred home”. Armed only with
their bravery, the blind woman Joesefa Gandarillas led elders,
women and children into battle against the brutal Spanish
Army. Little did they know that this act of heroism would go
down in history.

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