Issue - March 2009

March 2009


Inside this edition: Sara Vinci give us an interview with Ramon Rocha Monroy; Christina Moore climbs the Bibliobus proposal in an article; Rebecca Wearmouth gives an view about 'An Inconvenient Truth' movie; the Bolivian Scare Crow by Arnold Brouwer; and finally Walter Sanchez tell us about Graphic historyread more...

March 2009

Scaring the Dutch and Bolivian Crows

Thanks to the Dutch Foundation NME Mundial and the Bolivian VOSERDEM, we had the opportunity to put on two, very creative scarecrow contests between Dutch and Bolivian elementary schools last year. During a four week period two classes prepared their scarecrows for their gardens.

Arnold Brouwer

The first contest was between the Bolivian ¨Eusebio Tudela Tapia 1¨ (a school in the 9th district of Cochabamba) and the Dutch school ¨De Elstar¨ from Elst. Although all three scarecrows were masterpieces, the Tudela Tapia scarecrows won the first contest due to their very strong colours, and a remarkable resemblence to a real man. As a member of the jury put it, “I would not want to meet these guys (scarecrows) at night in a dark alley.”

All of the kids in group 6 of the Tudela Tapia school were given a group photo of them with the scarecrows, and in addition to that they recieved two tins of seeds to encourage the class to produce crops at home. The Elstar school received a postcard and the National Flag of Bolivia together with the Wiphala to thank the school for participating and making

it a truly intercultural experience. The fact that one of the Tudela Tapia scarecrows shared much resemblence with a traditional tinku and the other seemed to be a traditional farmer was also a great way to show the Dutch school children a bit more of the rich Bolivian culture .

The second contest was between the Bolivian ¨Padre Luis Diez del Pozo¨ school (also from the 9th district of Cochabamba) and the Dutch school ¨De Buitenburcht¨ from Almere. The sixth grade of Padre Luis started by making small miniature scarecrows. They then democratically voted for the best idea to use for a human sized scarecrow.

This method had great results. The kids of the Padre Luis school won flower pots with potting soil and marigold flower seeds. As a lot of children wished to sow flowers in the school gardens, we opted for flower seeds instead of vegetable seeds. The Bolivian children wrote personal letters to the children in the Netherlands, thanking them for the opportunity to participate in this contest.

The jury consisted of two members of staff from the Dutch schools, and two project sponsors of the schoolgarden program. The contests have been regarded as an interesting way to generate an intercultural exchange between Bolivia and the Netherlands. As you can see in the photos all four classes have taken the assignments seriously with lots of energy. Congratulations to everybody on the great artistic works that have been created.

The NME Mundial and VOSERDEM team hope to be holding more (scarecrow)contests this upcoming school year. If any school outside Bolivia has an idea for an interesting contest or is interested in participating send an email to:

A Global Warning

What does global warming mean to you? Would you describe it as “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated”, as US Senator James M. Inhofe did? Or do you believe it to be the most important issue facing our planet at the moment? Whatever your opinion, I think it would be unfair to make a decision without seeing An Inconvenient Truth, it is a movie that lays out the highly complicated issue of global warming in an understandable format. However, despite its obvious merits, An Inconvenient Truth only had select showings in cinemas throughout Bolivia; a shocking

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