Issue - June 2009

June 2009


Inside this edition: People are considered old when certain changes occur in their activities or social roles. Usually this happens around 60 to 65 years old. In different countries people are considered part of the third age; many people said that to stay in shape and to keep active is the more...

June 2009

A debate on the elderly


Rebecca Wearmouth
Projects Abroad - Volunteer
Stockton - United Kingdom

At what age is a person considered elderly? The United Nations agrees that a person is considered elderly from the age of 60 onwards. This clarification enables the UN to decide when a person becomes eligible to receive a pension.

Social pension is a cash income given to the elderly usually by the government. In Bolivia social pension is called the Renta Dignidad, which was introduced in 2008. The Renta Dignidad gives 200 Bolivianos per month to all Bolivians over sixty. There are also contributory pensions. In this case both the employer and the employee pay towards the employee’s pension over time. Private schemes are similar to contributory plans whereby an employee and a private company pay towards a pension over time. In addition a means-tested pension is intended for the poor, the amount given depends on their level of income.

One can speculate as to which pension works best. In this issue of the Cocha-Banner we will ask a variety of citizens, ranging from University students to elderly people working in La Cancha, how they feel about the Renta Dignidad and other private pension schemes

What do you think of
the Renta Dignidad?

The situation for many elderly people in Bolivia is extremely difficult. When one is unable to work in order to earn a living, the options in terms of finding alternative support are extremely limited. Many of the elderly rely on their families; whilst others are required to support families themselves.

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