Issue - October 2008

October 2008

What is ecotourism? Is this kind of tourism in Bolivia? Why? Who gets involved in ecotourism? How important is it to be responsible with nature and small communities? more...

October 2008

Tips for responsible travelers

Following the trail of a revolutionary

Barbara Walter

Research your company

A responsible holiday starts with choosing a tour operator who upholds the values of ecotourism. Ask to see an ecotourism policy before booking. If possible, it is always best to travel with locally based companies or international ones which employ local people or invest a percentage of their profit in the community.

Invest your money locally

Always use local guides, even if this means sacrificing explanations in perfect English. When shopping for souvenirs buy locally produced products.
Stay in hostels and eat in restaurants run by members of the community.

Have respect for local culture

Before you travel read up on the place you are going.
Learn and use the local language. Even if your mistakes are frequent, this will always result in a warmer welcome.
Be aware of cultural differences. Dress and behave appropriately.
Locals are not animals in a zoo: ask permission before pulling out your camera.

Be aware of financial differences

Haggle with humour not aggression; pay what something is worth to you. Tip at restaurants or on guided tours. No-one wants to be ripped off, but at the same time it is important not to be overly stingy. A few bolivianos is virtually worthless to most tourists at home, but to locals it represents a significant amount.

Conserve the environment

Don’t litter! Even orange peel takes 6 months to biodegrade.
When hiking burn or bury your toilet paper and waste.
Try to conserve water and electricity. These are often in shorted supply than back home.
In regions where bottled water is necessary, try to refill empty bottles rather than buying countless new ones.

Minimise your carbon footprint

Consider your transport options: Could you take a train or bus rather than fly?
Look into offsetting your greenhouse emissions through donation to projects which reduce carbon pollution. (eg.

Agenda Cultural

Teatro Achá

Miércoles 1
Valet Ave María

Jueves 2 al Domingo 5
Valet Ave María

Lunes 6
Barrio Canto...

Salón Gildaro Antezana

Exposiciones de los artistas

Septiembre 29 al 11 de octubre

Judith Ordóñez
Manuel Tinta
Emil Gumiel
Rosalia Lavayen...

13 al 25 de octubre

Jorge Velasco
Amadeo Castro
Gonzalo Torrico
Jenny Helga Camargo

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