Issue - June 2008

June 2008

In this month's issue, read about how Wilson Peñaranda began his career; Elias Burgess brings Alcides D'orbigny Museum of Natural History; Jennine Loiseau invites us to participate of Fête de la Musique; Ivan Montaño tells us about Andean more...

June 2008

The French Music Festival is

La Alianza Francesa celebrates music by organising the 11th “Fete de la Musique” in June. Once more Cochabamba will be among the thousands of cities taking part in this event around the globe.

Jennie Loiseau
Alliance Francaise

What kind of music do you like? Oops sorry! ...Wrong question. Let’s start again with an appropriate one- Do you like music? There is a high probability that I am going to get an « of course I do » as an answer. Well I don’t need to hear more to assure you that you are going to enjoy the upcoming music festival!

But whoever hasn’t yet had the chance to celebrate this festival anywhere in the world might wonder what « la fete de la musique » really is. This music celebration was born in France through a brilliant initiative from the Board of Culture in 1982. The idea was to dedicate a whole day to music by giving musicians a chance to play in the streets of French cities, giving each individual the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of music for free. It was a great celebration of the eclectic nature of French music and a true reflection of the event’s motto “Music for all”. June 21st was chosen as a date since it was considered a great day to celebrate both music and the upcoming summer.

Since then the event has crossed the French border and today La Fetê de la Musique is being organised every June 21st all around the world, in more than 100 countries on five continents. On a local level - thanks to the “Alliance Française”- Cochabamba has been part of this unique show for 10 years, allowing all locals, travellers, and French expatriates to enjoy this famous day of music.

So once more, the French language institute – with the cooperation of all the City’s best cafés and cultural centres - is about to make the 11th version of the French music festival happen. And this year you will enjoy music concerts not only on June 21st, but for 10 days in a row. Indeed, from June 12th to 21st, high quality concerts of all kinds will be offered to the public of Cochabamba in most of the city’s cafes.

The highlight of the 10 day festival- as announced by Cecilia Meriles, in charge of the cultural events at “L’Alliance Francaise” - will be on June 14th with a concert by Blick Bassy, specially invited from Cameroon for the festival. Cecilia told me that “the French cultural and language centre is very happy to organise this event every year, and is delighted to encounter a real interest in the event from so many cultural centres and musical bands”.

So get ready to enjoy the city’s best musicians and, whatever your musical preferences are - from Reggae to Rock to Jazz - rest assured that you will find what you are looking for. Look for the event’s schedule of concerts, out soon!

We hope to see you there shortly and offer our congratulations to the organizers for helping to promote cultural democratisation and decentralization, and above all, celebrate Music for All !

The Pre-Hispanic
Cult to Andean Bear

During the first years of the colony, writer Polo de Ondegardo wrote that these bears, as other animals, were adored by indigenous groups in the Yungas (an area in the eastern piedmont of the Andes Mountains, primarily in Bolivia) and other indigenous groups that lived in lands close to mountains (1571, Información Acerca de la Religión y Gobierno de los Incas). Garcilazo de la Vega indicates that they had very few bears in the lands of Peru...

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