Issue - June 2008

June 2008

In this month's issue, read about how Wilson Peñaranda began his career; Elias Burgess brings Alcides D'orbigny Museum of Natural History; Jennine Loiseau invites us to participate of Fête de la Musique; Ivan Montaño tells us about Andean more...

June 2008

Foundation NME Mundial

Last years successful school garden project of “Huertos Educativos” has its successor!

Arnold Brouwer

In April 2008, after finalizing the first school garden project in November and the presentation of computers as prices for all four garden schools, the Foundation NME Mundial was established. NME is a Dutch abbreviation for environmental education, which also works in Spanish “Naturaleza, Medioambiente y Educación”.

The objective of the Foundation NME Mundial is to realize a network of educational projects that focus on environmental topics while supporting a cultural exchange between Latin American and donor countries (mainly the Netherlands).

NME Mundial’s mission is to improve the quality of environmental education and awareness. Their current priority is the realization of an urban agriculture program at elementary schools that concentrates on the cultivation of small urban spaces. This program comprises a practical and theoretical component. Classroom instruction, which includes a number of experiments, is supplemented with hands-on experience working in the school gardens. The foundation hopes that this knowledge will empower and motivate the students to cultivate crops at home. This objective is further encouraged when NME Mundial donates a variety of seeds to the participating students.

The Foundation NME Mundial was created the 2nd of April 2008 in the Netherlands to address the demand that surged during the execution of the project: School gardens in the “Zona Sur” of Cochabamba.

Wilson Peñaranda

On the day I arrived in Bolivia the other volunteers invited me to visit a Salsa class in “Academia Nova Danza” . It is a place where people from abroad can meet people from Bolivia. Immediately I was touched by the energy that filled the room when the teacher Wilson Peñaranda entered ...

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