Issue - September 2007

September 2007

In this issue, Amy Pollock reviews the successes of Arnold Brower's school garden project, while Lucy Witter talks with the rector of an English school enrolling impoverished students; we hear form Save the Children about their reconciliation programme after the Cochabamba riots in more...

September 2007


In this issue, Amy Stillman explores the difficulties of maintaining Madididi National Park, Chris Sherrat researches the prospects for volunteering in Bolivia with dimentia patients, and Walter Sanchez provides us with a bit of history regarding the name of the city we all know and love, Cochabamba. Also included is Lucy Witter´s striking investigation into the dance moves of Atempo Danza.

The main objective of the cocha-banner is to promote different types of social work and happenings in Cochabamba or Bolivia in general, many of which the people of Cochabamba and visitors are unaware of. It is geared to help organizations, foundations and other groups spread the word on the work they do.

Cocha-banner is distributed for free within the city and covers a variety of topics from news and current affairs to features and reviews.

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Ximena Noya

A plain of water named Cochabamba
The denseness of its groves, the great variety of birds, which are pleasant to sight and sound, plentiful mountains of cedars, and another kind of wood. This landscape is different to the nearby valley of Clisa which is six leagues southeast from the city (Oropeza)....
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