Issue - November 2007

November 2007

In this edition Arnold Brower presents a different view of Frisbee, Walter Sanchez teaches us about the Chonta Palms history, Ross Eventon investigates a Ney Way of living, and Ciudadela SEDEGES, always with dedication to orphan children, opens five new more...

November 2007

Movie: Quien Mato A La Llamita Blanca
(“Who Killed the Little White Llama”)

Rodrigo Bellot´s Snatch-style drug flick is a window on modern Bolivian issues.

Looking for a movie that marries English action movies and interesting images of contemporary Bolivia, with all the contradictions in between?

Quien Mató a la Llamita Blanca is the film for you. Scriptwriter Rodrigo Bellot dreamed up a movie that takes the lessons of British director Guy Ritchie of “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch” but does not forget Bolivia.

Two dangerous thieves are escaping the Police all over Bolivia, carrying a large haul of cocaine, and the movie follows the ensuing high-jinks, peppered with interesting aspects of Bolivian society such as discrimination, religious superstitions, and of course, the drug trade. “With humour and fantasy we laugh about Bolivia and with Bolivia,” the director says. “We show in a real way the more serious problems of our country: racism dressed as regionalism, intolerance, and corruption accepted by society.”

That said, the end is a little disappointing - we won´t tell you - but do not let this stop you watching this movie. It isn´t so much the story itself that is interesting, but the completely irreverent humor that tries to destroy the classical image of Bolivia and South America.

Expansion of Orphanage in Cochabamba
Nowadays, SEDEGES is responsible for the maintenance of about 84 orphanages in the entire department of Cochabamba. This includes, feeding, educating and caring for the children that arrive to these facilities because of abuse, protection or abandonment....
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