Issue - November 2007

November 2007

In this edition Arnold Brower presents a different view of Frisbee, Walter Sanchez teaches us about the Chonta Palms history, Ross Eventon investigates a Ney Way of living, and Ciudadela SEDEGES, always with dedication to orphan children, opens five new more...

November 2007


Frisbee not just for dogs

by: Arnold Brower

Frisbee is a relatively unknown sport in most countries around the world. Amongst those who know what a frisbee is, many seem to think that it is something you do to pass time on the beach, or something you play with your dog. However, Frisbee is much more than this. Some say that Frisbee started in the late 1800s with the Frisbie Pie Company who would sell their pies in round tin boxes. Instead of reusing the boxes for baking new pies, college students would use them to throw and catch.

From then onwards the flying disc has developed into a plastic disc with a standard weight of 175 grams. Ultimate Frisbee, as the team sport is called, is now a recognized sport and competitions are held worldwide.

Ultimate Frisbee can be played on fields of various different sizes, but is usually played on a field which measures 100m by 37m, with two end zones of 18m which run over the total width of the field. Two teams of seven play against each other in each match.

Each new point starts with both teams lined up facing each other in the different end zones. The defense team throws the disk into the field and the game starts where it lands. The team in offense tries to throw the disk towards the End Zone, while the defense attempts to stop them. The player with the disc has 10 seconds to throw and must not walk during this time. If the player holds the Frisbee for longer than 10 seconds, the opposing team gains possession of the disc. When the disc is caught in the end zone the team scores a point. When a pass falls out of bounds, is dropped, blocked or intercepted, the defense immediately takes possession of the disc and becomes the offense.

Ultimate frisbee is a non-contact sport. The game does not involve a referee and therefore the players are responsible for their own foul calls and line calls, which sometimes leads to arguments. Fair play is an important part of the game. After each tournament all the teams vote for who should be awarded with the title of “Spirit of the Game”. Competitive play is encouraged, but there should always be respect between players.

The basics of Frisbee can be mastered in less then an hour and if the photos and the explanation of the Frisbee rules have encouraged you to play Frisbee yourself, come and have a look at the university sports fields (end Sucre-Belzu) to play Frisbee on Saturdays at 10.00. Send an email to or give me a ring 70773635.

Expansion of Orphanage in Cochabamba
Nowadays, SEDEGES is responsible for the maintenance of about 84 orphanages in the entire department of Cochabamba. This includes, feeding, educating and caring for the children that arrive to these facilities because of abuse, protection or abandonment....
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