Issue - May 2007

May 2007

In this Issue, an interview with Ana Cecilia Moreno, how she wanted to break the image of elite dance. Caroline Amouyal met with Anysongo.

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May 2007

Sponsoring System - AYNI SONQO

By Caroline Amouyal
Volunteer Projects Abroad
Brest, Bretagne, France
Audencia Ecole de Management- Nantes- France

You probably know this sponsoring system, frequent in Africa, where European people sponsor small African children (they give money, in return for letters from the children). Ayni Sonquo is built on the same principle, but aims teenagers between 13 and 18 from disadvantaged background, who plan to study technical careers.

The goal is double for the association: on the short run, it helps this sensitive category of young people to have successful studies. Their difficult familial situations and few resources make it harder for them to study compared to the other backgrounds: they have to cope with family problems, low resources, drugs, and alcohol...

And at a long run, the project Ayni Sonquo would like to fight with this worrying matter of migration affecting Bolivia at this moment. Indeed, 600 Bolivian people leave their country each week, mainly for Spain and Italy. “This is see our entire technical workforce leaving for other countries”, says Rosby Trujillo Blanco, the responsible of the association, “all the more as Bolivia needs them, even more than the ones trained for the service sector”.

In Cochabamba, Quechua is the second official language. This is also the language chosen by the association Ayni Huasi for their last project Ayni Sonquo. This means heart in solidarity

The Asociación Ayni Huasi also decided to set up this original project, focusing on the 13-18 years old, originally, because this age group is often drop out. In Cochabamba, you can find hundreds of organizations dedicated to babies or small children. As well the students can benefit to any kind of grants. But what about the 13-18 years old? Only very little governmental help or help from associations is dedicated to this age group.

The association looks for godparents, who mostly come from Europe. In 2006, the year Ayni Sonquo was launched, the pilot project had already helped 4 young people, and its goal for 2007 is to reach 100 young people! “We need to work hard”, says Daniel Vargas, another member of the Ayni Sonquo team, “and the most difficult of the tasks resides in making us known in Europe”.

As they had a member of the team in Germany, it was easier to find godparents there, and for that reason, the 4 godparents of the pilot project are Germans. “But, as we don’t have a correspondent in every country, we have to work at a distance, that requires acknowledgement from people”, adds Daniel Vargas. There is a long process of election on the side of the young people who will benefit of Ayni Sonquo. They have to fill certain standards: kind of low resources, familial situation, and interest for technical studies. Then, the process takes a long time because it gathers all the process of orientation followed by 2 years of studies. The role of the association is to guide financially and psychologically these young people during this period.

The team in charge of Ayni Sonquo is made up of 7 people. This year, they plan to develop the project with higher goals. For example, to draw the attention of the public with flyers, to appeal to newspapers and magazines, to create a web site dedicated to this project, and to have a real office! And to make all this possible, they have to find financial partners like Bolivian or South American companies. But the most important is to make the project known among people, because of its originality, and as well, because there is real hope for the young people and for Bolivia in general.

If you are interested in the project Ayni Sonquo, you can write to this email:

It is a space of fusion between art and sport, as shown by its name: Ar stands for arte and de stands for deporte. We created it in collaboration with gymnasts, because we all needed a place to practice our different activities. We are all very proud of this place, because we built it up almost all by ourselves (we even installed the light and the electricity alone!)...
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