Issue - March 2007

March 2007

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This month, Bolivian archaeology and tales of our people invite us to explore our cultural diversity and heritage.

An interview with Ema Paz Noya, and more...

March 2007


by Alba Balderrama translated
by Daniela Viljoen

In August 2004, a team of Finish – Bolivian archaeologists, headed by Jédu Sagárnaga and Antti Korpisaari, discovered a great number of ceramic fragments on the small island of Pariti on Lake Titikaka. Once the pieces were placed together and reconstructed, it was believed they belonged to the Tiwanku culture.

The “Ceramic Treasure of Pariti” has become one of the most significant archaeological findings referring to the Tiwanaku culture. Not only did it draw conclusions to the technique and aesthetics of the ceramic, but also explained about rituals, décor, ostentation, use and customs, remembering that this discovery did not reflect the Tiwanaku culture as a whole, but only the elite.

It is satisfying to be able to present a part of this “Ceramic Treasure of Pariti” in the city of Cochabamba that shows the roots of Bolivian culture. Thanks to the joint efforts of the Vice-Ministry of Cultural Development and the Chachapuma Archaeological Project, sixty-five beautiful, original ceramic pieces are on display at the Exhibit Center of the Centro Pedagógico Simon I. Patiño, for you to discover, from February 13 to March 13.

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