Issue - July 2007

July 2007

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July 2007

Na Cúnna: The Irish Invasion

The Craic comes to Cochabamba with the opening of Na Cunna. Lamin Kamara gets a round in

By: Lamin Kamara
Journalism Volunteer, Projects Abroad
Essex, England

If you are looking for somewhere different – nay, unique - in Cochabamba, a place to sit down and relax with a drink after work or college, or a place to sample some great food, check out CBBA´s new Irish bar Ná Cunna. Open for just two months now, the name means ‘The Wolfhounds’, taken from a story set in the small town of Livardy in Ireland, when residents sent a wolfhound dog to find help when they were at war.

The managing trio of Na Cunna met three years ago when they were working in Bolivia for Irish charity Latin American Street Children Organisation, or LASCO, where Irish expatriates Emma Ní Luachra and Fiona Lovely travelled to volunteer. Na Cunna´s manager, Manuel Rocha, is from Cochabamba and was also volunteering for LASCO. Fiona is responsible for designing the furnishings and created the paintings adorning the walls, evoking her warmest memories of Ireland and the infamously welcoming atmosphere that, arguably, can only be found in a drinking establishment of Irish patronage. Even the main quaffing area is located in the cellar – for that authentic cavernous “we’re drinking cold pints in a cave and a traditional Irish band might break into song at any moment” feel – and upstairs visitors can find the main dining area, and a leisurely lounge area complete with a selection of newspapers and books to while away the hours with your pint, or café latte.

Gringos and Brits will not go without, as Na Cunna stocks not only Taquina, Huari and Pacena beer, but also our old favourites Stella Artois, Corona and Heineken. Guinness is on the way for those who crave a pint of the black stuff. You can quench your thirst in the meantime with a selection of classic cocktails like Bloody Mary or whisky sours, spritzers, local favourite Chocopop, good old Irish coffee.

For your lunch or dinner why not try out the Irish breakfast – a feast for the hungover of eggs, bacon, sausages and potato bread - or the Irish stew with lamb, onions and roast potatoes and gravy. The trio say a Banana curry is in the works, which would go down well with their regular literature night: as the bar grows in popularity and its owners get more confident in what they are doing, being novices, the schedule will feature events like a James Joyce night on St Patrick´s Day, and even a literature course held in-house for foreign visitors. And best of all, Na Cunna´s proprietors have kept their link with LASCO alive by making regular donations from the business, and they hope to do more in the future.

Na Cunna really has it all: Good food, great drinks selection, reading materials should you want to look intellectual while you sup on your double skinny latte and wait for your date, and a lively but chilled-out atmosphere. The music is always of the quiet-nod-of-approval-sort, and they open until 2 am on weekends. It is enough to get any visiting Irish eyes a-smiling.

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