Issue - February 2007

February 2007
Canarito Pampeno

For the last nine years the children of La Cancha have had an opportunity to escape from the busy streets of the market into the care of the Centro Canarito Pampeño where they are given assistance with schoolwork and have the chance to play safely in a protected more...

February 2007

Chocolatada Villa Israel

by Arnold Brouwer

Apart from the "chocolatada" we prepared various games with prizes in order to give the kids a nice morning program and to do something more than just handing out hot chocolate. The kids won prizes for best dancer, best singer, fastest runner, best basketball and soccer player player and the fastest in eating

For the Feast of the Epiphany, we organized a "Chocolatada" in Villa Israel, one of our garden schools. In Bolivia it is a well known concept to organize a "Chocolatada" around Christmas time.

A large group of volunteers organize these types of events for the less fortunate among us. Volunteers prepare a big pan of hot chocolate together with sweets and cookies, especially for the (smallest) children.

Thanks to the Quiroga and Brouwer families along with Plan Nederland (the Dutch part of Plan International) we were able to invite over 300 children a hot chocolate with cookies and sweets in the neighborhood of Villa Israel.

Unfortunately, it was a rainy morning and eventually we had to escape to the shelter of the school in order to prepare the 65 liters of hot chocolate. But nevertheless, a large group of children hung around a bit longer in order to participate in the variety of games we had organized.

The photos show that in spite of the rainy morning, the "Chocolatada" in Villa Israel was a great success and the kids as well as ourselves, enjoyed the event.

The "Inca Trail"
In August 1990, archeologists Antonio Paolillo and Ricardo Céspedes organized an expedition to the Parque Nacional Carrasco to cover the Inca trail regarding the "cocales" situated in the Yungas of Arepucho. An article published in the Ligabue Magazine tells about the discovery of this pre-Hispanic trail and the presence of a rock with petrography situated in the community of San Pedro...
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