Cochabanner - November 2018

Hombres de paz – voces libres

Between 2013 and 2017, Bolivia saw over 400 cases of femicide, highlighting the internal crisis of the country's households. Despite the action taken by the government with Law 348, domestic violence keeps on being a serious issue in Bolivia. [...]

Sport beyond barriers

As sport is growing larger in Bolivia, the country is widely investing in making it accessible to disabled children. Kids can choose between a large variety of sports and try out as many as they like, followed by the teaching of professors and volunteers. We took part in some of these events in Cochabamba, including the tournaments' finals and the awards ceremonies. [...]

A quest for inca's history, my travel trough Peru and Bolivia

When travelling through South America, it is always tough to pick what to see among all the beauty this continent has to offer. With just ten days available, our intention was to catch a glance of the pomp of what the legendary Inca Empire used to be. Our focus landed on a historic, and quite touristic, journey through Peru and Bolivia. This travel included the cities of Lima, Cusco, Copacabana, and finally La Paz. [...]

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